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When you want expert automotive detailing, waxing and car cleaning come to the best... come to Q-Tipp Treatment Inc. located in Putnam county New York. We've been a family owned business with ideal customer satisfaction since 1993 serving NY, CT. and NJ.

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The Ultimate
Car Cleaning

  • 25 years experience

  • Professionalism

  • Ideal customer loyalty

  • Family owned

  • Ideal customer satisfaction

  • Successful

  • Employee workstations

  • Water Reclaim System

  • Superior Equipment

Detail Packages

Car Dashboard


  • Vacuuming the entire car, cleaning the dashboard, door panels and seats.

  • Cleaning and conditioning of upholstered or leather surfaces, shampooing all carpets and cleaning all floor mats.

  • Cleaning of the trunk, interior windows and final dressing of the dash board and panels.

Image by Joey Banks


  • Foam hand washing and cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle

  • Bug, tar, dirt and grime removal from paint surface

  • Minor scratch removal from paint surface

  • Polishing of paint surface to bring the "SHINE" Back

  • Waxing to protect the paint surface

Image by Campbell

Full Detail

  • This Package includes all that is listed in both our exterior and interior package options.

  • Prices very per vehicle; subject to change depending on the condition your vehicle is in.

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